Dearest Gentle Reader... the time has come to put all our bridgerton-coded home decor desires to reality finally. As much as we love Bridgerton aesthetics, we also realize that this type of luxury rarely comes, but no worries, as we have researched and picked the brand that knows how to bring the Regencycore vibes to the real.

Before I disclose the brand, I am one hundred percent sure that you have heard its name, as it used to be TikTok Viral and still is (for us, at least). So, the iconic brand is none other than MacKenzie-Childs, who made us fall in love with the vibe we were looking for right after we binge-watched Bridgerton's season 3.

What Is Bridgerton?

Bridgerton is this awesome show on Netflix about high society in England during the time of King George IV, also known as the Regency era. It's all about romance, drama, and the lives of debutantes.


The series is based on novels by Julia Quinn and is super popular. The first season follows Daphne Bridgerton as she looks for love in Regency London. The second season focuses on her brother, Anthony Bridgerton, and his search for a wife. The recently launched season 3 features Colin Bridgerton falling in love with her best friend, Penelope Featherington, and now we are waiting for how it will turn out for both of them in the future.

What Is Regencycore Trend?

The Regencycore is your new bestie if you like making your home feel fancy and posh, just like those amazing parties in the Ton. It's about bringing opulent, sophisticated, and regal vibes into your home. While authentic Regency-style furniture and accessories can be super pricey and not very practical, you can still get that debonair feel without breaking the bank, just read on.

Bridgerton Inspired Home Decor Pieces

Here are some of the best picks that screams regencycore and looks so Bridgerton-coded.

White Flower Market High Tea

Bridgerton Inspired Tea Pot


Imagine delicate floral patterns adorning your afternoon tea set, just like the lavish tableware used in Bridgerton's high society gatherings. This hand-decorated set with bronzed rims exudes elegance, perfect for your own Regency-inspired tea parties.

Royal English Garden Enamel Dinner Plate

Bridgerton Inspired Dinner Plate


Bring the charm of blooming English gardens to your table with this floral plate. The blue hues and bronzed rims echo the sophisticated color palettes of Regencycore, making every meal feel like a delightful soiree.

Butterfly Toile Large Pedestal Platter

Bridgerton Inspired Pedestal Platter


Channel the whimsical touch of Bridgerton's nature-inspired motifs with this platter. The butterfly and bee toile design adds a touch of whimsy, while the pistachio scalloped edges and checkered base create a truly Regency-worthy centerpiece.

Rosy Check 3 Quart Tea Kettle 

Bridgerton Inspired Tea Kettle


Imagine the rosy hues of this tea kettle gracing your kitchen, just like the blushing tones adorning the ladies' gowns in Bridgerton. The hand-painted checks add a touch of vintage charm, making every cup of tea feel like a delightful social occasion.

Royal Check Three Tier Sweet Stand

Bridgerton Inspired Tier Sweet stand


A quintessential Regency afternoon tea isn't complete without a tiered stand laden with treats. This three-tiered wonder, adorned with a royal check pattern, will make your cupcakes and scones the stars of your next gathering.

Courtly Check Cocktail Napkin Holder

Bridgerton Inspired napkin holder


Keep those napkins elegantly organized with this check-patterned holder. A subtle yet sophisticated addition to your Regencycore soirees, it ensures a touch of class while entertaining guests.

Pencil & Paper Co. Ceramic Fluted Cake Stand

Bridgerton Inspired cake stand


Elevate your cakes to a work of art with this striped cake stand. The bold blue and green hues echo the rich color palettes of Bridgerton's interiors, making every dessert a centerpiece worthy of royalty.

Mod Flower Pastel Dinner Candles

Bridgerton Inspired dinner candles


Set the mood for a charming soiree with these pastel floral candles. The soft colors and delicate designs add a touch of romantic elegance, reminiscent of Bridgerton's candlelit ballrooms.

Royal English Garden Tall Candle Holder

Bridgerton Inspired candle holder


Imagine the warm glow of candlelight reflecting off mirrored glass, just like the grand chandeliers in Bridgerton. This floral and stripe patterned holder adds a touch of Regency grandeur to your candlelit evenings.

How to Incorporate Bridgerton Vibes In Your Home

  • Soft colors like baby pink, light blue and lavender were all the rage back then. Super calming and perfect for Insta pics.
  • Florals are your friends! Think wallpapers, throw pillows, or fresh blooms in fancy vases. Big and bold is the way to go. Channel your inner flower crown queen.
  • Fancy it up! Ornate mirrors, gold frames for your pics, and even furniture with cool carvings. Basically, the more extra, the more Bridgerton.
  • Snuggle in style! Velvet pillows, plush ottomans, silky curtains – all the luxurious fabrics for maximum coziness. Mix and match for a fun touch.
  • Ditch the harsh lights! Go for lamps with gold details, chandeliers with crystals, or even candles for a warm, romantic glow. Think mood lighting.
  • Classic furniture rocks! Look for wingback chairs, chaise lounges, or even a four-poster bed. Hit up vintage stores for that authentic feel.
  • Small details = Big impact! Decorate with cute figurines, old books, or a framed map. Don't forget a fancy tea set for afternoon tea parties (obvs).
  • Bring the outdoors in! Botanical rug, floral blankets, or a cute seating area with wrought-iron furniture. Basically, pretend your balcony is a secret garden.
  • Bonus tip! Make it smell amazing. Think rosewater candles, lavender sachets, or citrusy scents. Basically, it's a Bridgerton perfume bar for your home.

Well, Dearest Reader, That's a Wrap!

So, there you have it! Bridgerton may be a fantasy world, but bringing a touch of that regencycore elegance into your home is totally achievable. It's all about embracing soft colors, floral patterns, and luxurious details. Plus, with a few key accessories from MacKenzie-Childs (because, let's be honest, who can resist that adorable aesthetic?), you can transform your space into a scene straight out of the Ton.

Now, all that's left to do is brew a pot of tea, grab a romance novel, and get lost in a world of lavish soirees and delightful gossip. Because, after all, who wouldn't want a bit of Bridgerton magic in their everyday life?