Let's be honest, folks. New parenthood is a beautiful whirlwind, but sleep? Sleep becomes a distant memory whispered in lullabies. Those nights spent staring at the ceiling, rocking a grumpy little one, can leave you yearning for anything that promises a blessed few hours of uninterrupted shut-eye. Enter the $44 Baby Sleeper – a knight in (organic cotton) armor, promising sweet dreams for your little angel (and maybe even you?). 

So, Mama to Mama, let's dissect this little sleep savior and see if it lives up to the hype.

Pehr Baby Sleeper Review

The moment I ripped open the package (because let's face it, with a crying baby, patience is a luxury), I fell in love with the material. Organic cotton, people! It's like the softest, gentlest hug you can swaddle your baby in. Plus, the adorable prints – mine came in a playful constellation pattern –  made me wish they had these in adult sizes  (hello, comfy PJs!).

Pehr Baby Sleeper


Does It Improve Baby's Sleep?

Alright, aesthetics aside, the real question is: does this sleeper actually improve sleep? The answer, for my little one at least, is a resounding yes! The first night, I used it with a healthy dose of skepticism. But to my surprise, the snug fit (they recommend sizing up, which I did, and it was perfect) seemed to calm him down. He drifted off to sleep faster than usual and – wait for it –  slept through most of the night! Now, this might not be everyone's experience (every baby is different, after all!), but for us, it was a game-changer.


Here's the breakdown of what I loved:

  • Softness Supreme: As I mentioned, organic cotton is heavenly. It feels gentle against your baby's skin, and trust me, they deserve all the comfort they can get.
  • Two-Way Zip: A Lifesaver for Nighttime Changes: Hallelujah for whoever invented the two-way zipper! Those middle-of-the-night diaper changes became a breeze. No more wrestling a fussy baby out of a onesie – just unzip from the bottom, do your business, and zip back up. Easy peasy.
  • Built-in Footies for Cozy Toes: No more hunting for lost socks in the crib! The little footie covers kept my baby's toes warm all night long, which seemed to contribute to his overall comfort.


While I'm utterly smitten with this sleeper overall, there are a couple of minor things that could be improved:

  • Sizing: They recommend sizing up, which is great advice. However, it might be helpful if the size chart was a bit more detailed. For example, including average height and weight ranges for each size could be super helpful for indecisive mamas like me.
  • Care Instructions: Listen, laundry piles are a badge of honor in parenthood, but the delicate care instructions (machine wash cold, gentle cycle, etc.) felt a tad daunting. Maybe a more "parent-friendly" care label option (like "throw it all in together, mom – we got this!") wouldn't hurt.

Is the Baby Sleeper Worth It?

Yes, this $44 Baby Sleeper is a winner in my book. The soft, organic cotton, the two-way zipper, and the cozy footie covers are all features that contribute to a more comfortable sleep for your little one (and potentially, a more well-rested you!). While the sizing could be a bit more specific and the care instructions a touch less intimidating, these are minor drawbacks compared to the overall benefits. So, if you're a sleep-deprived mama on the hunt for anything that might help your little one catch some Zzz's, this sleeper is definitely worth a try. Just remember to size up, and maybe stock up on a few – because trust me, you won't want to be without them!